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Probability and Statistics Midterm 1 Study Guide - (Conditonal Probability, Discrete Random Variables, cdf, pmf and such)
Algorithms Vocabulary and Definition Game (in bash) - Clone the repo (Mac and Linux users) and run in bash terminal to test your skills in Algorithms! ~~~made in algorithms class ;)
Cut and Cutsets In Under 60s ~Video by Yours Truly~
Dijkstra's Algorithm and Walkthrough (in Practice) ~Video by Yours Truly~
How to LaTex In Under 5 minutes ~Video by Yours Truly~
Venezuelan Displacement Crisis Case Study - (Case Study I performed on the Venezuelan Displacement Crisis for Refugees: Law and Crises (with the amazing Rosemary Byrne J.D.)

Textbooks and Tools

Grade and GPA Calculator in Google Sheets - Gradebook and "predictor" of sorts for future grades. This can be incredibly useful and is definitely loads better than your school (it's just more personalized -go figure).
Data Structures in C++ Textbook
Statistics Textbook
Calculus Textbook (I,II,III)
Discrete Mathematics Textbook

Class Notes

Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented Programming GitHub Repo - GitHub Repo with all Assignments from Object Oriented Programming

Discrete Mathematics
Discrete Mathematics - Lecture 1 - Numbers, Division, Theorems, Proof Structure, and Vacuous Truths
Discrete Mathematics - Lecture 2 - Proofs, Counterexamples, Boolean Algebra, and Lists
Discrete Mathematics - Lecture 3 - Lists, Permutations, Factorials, and Sets
Discrete Mathematics - Lecture 4 - Quantifiers, Operations, and Cartesian Product
Discrete Mathematics - Lecture 5 - Combinatorial Proofs, and Relations
Discrete Mathematics - Lecture 6 - Equivalence Relations/Classes and Graphs
Discrete Mathematics - Lecture 7 - Partitions, Pf. By Contradiction/Contrapositive
Discrete Mathematics - Lecture 8 - Pf. By Contradiction, Anagrams
Discrete Mathematics - Lecture 9 - WOP, Induction, Pf. By Smallest Counterexample
Discrete Mathematics - Lecture 10 - Recurrence Relations, Induction, Functions
Discrete Mathematics - Lecture 11 - Functions, One-to-One/Onto, Composition of Functions, Pigeonhole Principle
Discrete Mathematics - Lecture 12 - Floor, Ceiling, Assorted Notation, Triangle Inequality, Permutations
Discrete Mathematics - Assignment 1 - Numbers, Divison, Lists, and Factorials
Discrete Mathematics - Assignment 2 - Equivalence Relations, Factorials, Combinatorial, Adj. Matrix
Discrete Mathematics - Assignment 3 - Induction, Smallest Counterexample, Recurrence Relations